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Various Beauty Services For Every Occasion

Whether you are going for a marriage of your friend, or your own, or any kind of occasion, if you are looking for
professionals to groom you, we are here for you and will help you in whatever way you desire.

eyebrow threading New York


Eyebrow Threading and Tinting

Eyebrow threading is an excellent method to get your eyebrows into a well-defined shape using threads. It is a non-invasive method that originated in the lands of India and spread throughout the world. The method is outstanding and takes a short time to complete, but the results are fabulous.

waxing Brooklyn



If you are looking for waxing in New York or waxing in Brooklyn, we are just the place for you. We offer all sorts of waxing services in Brooklyn and New York. Our experts excel in all sorts of waxing services including bikini waxing, eyebrow waxing, Brazilian wax, stripless hard wax

microblading Brooklyn NY



Microblading is the process to make artificial eyebrows that look completely natural and enhance the glory of your face. The process of microblading in New York, NY is a permanent makeup application. It requires the technician to cut hundreds of tiny strokes in the eyebrow region in such a way

Lash Lift New York


Lash Lifts

Are you looking for lash lifting services in New York? If you have eyelashes that are bending downwards, or if they are not curled enough, a lash lifting service in New York is what you should be looking for. The lash lift technique is a delicate one as even the tiniest fault can injure the eyes.

ear candle therapy New York


Ear Candle Therapy

Are you tired of cleaning your ears? Are you having trouble because of all the ear wax, debris, and bacteria that has accumulated in your ears? If yes, an ear candle therapy is what you might need. Ear candle therapies are a great way to remove ear wax, bacteria, and other debris from your ears and ear canal

Henna Tatto New York


Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo is a great way to adore your hands and draw spectacular designs on them. Henna, also known as ‘Mehandi’ in India, originated in India centuries ago. This method of decorating the hands is easy and safe. Henna is a herbal product and hence, never harms the skin.

facial New York NY


For Men

We have trained estheticians that help revive your skin with a deep cleanse, making you look younger and rejuvenated. Our facial for men detoxifies your skin by eradicating the pollutants and exfoliating dead cells, leaving your skin to appear healthy and glowing.

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