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THREAD also offers waxing services for men. Whether you’re going to the beach, gym or a summer barbecue, your face isn’t the only thing being noticed.

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Experience the beauty of India and its rich culture with henna tattoos, also called ‘Mehandi’ in the Indian language.

For Men In New York City

Professional Grooming & Beauty Services For Men

Looks Threading Salon is the most ideal solution to all your beauty needs. Who said men can’t get waxed or threaded? Whether you are going on a date, heading to the gym, or planning to soak in the sun on the beach, there’s no rule that you shouldn’t strive to look your best. If anything, looking well-groomed and trimmed only adds more brownie points to your pockets, helping you stand out amongst the crowd.

Services We Offer

We have a team of professional and experienced beauticians that understand your needs and provide you with the neat appearance that you have always wanted. 

We offer a wide range of beauty services, including the following.

Eyebrow Threading

If you are looking for just the rightly done eyebrows that are neither overdone nor do they look bushy, our team is all that you need. Our highly trained professionals have the expertise to give your eyebrows the shape that will suit your face and features, helping you look your best.


We have trained estheticians that help revive your skin with a deep cleanse, making you look younger and rejuvenated. Our facial for men detoxifies your skin by eradicating the pollutants and exfoliating dead cells, leaving your skin to appear healthy and glowing.


We offer full body wax services to men in New York. Whether you are looking to get your nostril hair waxed or get the hair on your back, chest, arms, or legs removed, our team works with utmost diligence to make sure they get rid of all the unwanted hair on your body.


Ear Candle Therapy

When you have planned to work on your appearance, it is best to go in full, and hence, you shouldn’t leave out your ears. Ear candle therapy helps you clear out all the bacteria and ear wax that might have accumulated in your ears. Clean ears not only make you look neat and clean but also help you become a better listener. 


Micro blading

If bushy eyebrows aren’t your issue but thin eyebrows are, micro-blading could be the solution for you. With the help of microblading, our team can help you get fuller and natural-looking eyebrows that add to the beauty of your face. 

These are all the aesthetics and beauty services that we have to offer to men in New York City. You can give us a call to know more information or to book an appointment. 

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